Acupuncture Treatment During COVID-19

With the added stress of COVID-19 and the changes it has brought to our everyday lives, 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year. During the height of the pandemic in March, Sparkes Acupuncture closed for what we thought at the time would be a two week period, to help "flatten the curve." As cases continued to rise and the stay at home order was extended, it ended up being closer to three months that we were out of the office awaiting guidelines and learning more about the behavior of this novel virus.

When we reopened in June, our office made some changes in order to allow you to continue getting acupuncture treatment in a safe and comfortable manner.

Here is a short list that includes many of the new rules & changes we have made to keep Sparkes Acupuncture open and operating in the safest manner possible:

1. Face masks are required for the entire duration of your visit.

Please have your face mask on when you enter the building. You'll need to keep your mask on throughout your treatment, whether it is a face up/front (supine) or a face down/back (prone) treatment. Please make sure you are wearing your mask properly, which means it is covering your nose, mouth and chin. Your practitioner will also be wearing a mask, of course.

Please note that because of this rule, some treatments have had to be modified or changed to include only the points that are accessible while wearing a mask. Patients who benefit from facial points that are not easily accessible will be instructed to massage these points at home.

2. We are no longer using reusable sheets on our tables.

Right now it's all about keeping everything squeaky clean, as well as not reusing anything between patients. While our sheets were always washed between uses, we find disposable table paper to be the most appropriate & sanitary option going forward.

We are still using warmers on the tables! We have invested in vinyl table coverings which are fitted over the warmers. This allows us to continue heating the tables for your comfort and easily sanitize the treatment table between each use. We also use heat lamps for your comfort.